Dee Sandifer


Purveyors of tarot readings, spells, apothecary goods and spiritual supplies

Office hours - Tuesday - Friday 9am - 5pm et.

Office - +1 478.305.3317 (Readings, Spell Work, Products and Spiritual Advice)

Tarot Readings

Pendulum Readings

Spiritual Advice

Love Spells

Prosperity Spells

Money Spells

Boutique Spell Oils

Un-Hexing Oils

Gree Gree Bags


Van-Van Oil

High John Oil

As of Feb 24th 2023 this is the image I am using on my TikTok account and my nickname is “

I never message anyone on TIKTOK for any reason.  The only way to contact me is through my site or by calling my office number. +1 478.305.3317

Black Arts Oil

Hexing Oil



Custom Spells

Grave Yard Dirt

Forged Iron Work

Casting Supplies


Voodoo Oils and Powders

Hoodoo Oils and Powders

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