Multi-Cultural, Centuries Old Reading and Magick Of The South

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  • Follow Me Boy Cream
  • Come Here Boy Cream
  • Money Spell

Only $55 ea.

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CARNIVAL Love Spells, Prosperity Spells  and Tea Leaf reading Live ON TIKTOK

6pm est

Tuesday - Sunday.

Puppers Satchet, Temple and Tummy Rub.

This package is designed to calm your pet and make them more receptive to their surroundings.  Pets are natural empaths and they sense when you are upset and in distress.  This will help calm your pup and allow them to go on about their normal day and get a good night sleep.  This come with a small Satchet that can be placed under their bed that contains 100% all natural ingredients and a Temple/Belly rub that is based on our calming spell. 


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How do my livestreams work?

  • During a livestream, the chat moves very fast so I can realistically only do so many readings
  • You can tip during a livestream to be nice, but tipping will not ensure your reading is done during the live!
  • Please no spamming or being rude if I miss your question. You will be muted.

Questions I will not answer:

  • Do my parents or relatives hate me?
  • Anything having to do with legal issues or court rulings.
  • Anything about health issues or medical conditions.
  • Anything about suicide or self harm.

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