Multi-Cultural, Centuries Old Reading and Magick Of The South

Spells, Conjures, Words and Writings

You must speak with me to use any of the spells or conjures below as you will be involved in the casting.

These spells and conjures are a bit more involved but far more powerful than our standard spells.  They involve more participation by you and they are much harder on me to produce.  The contents are special and several contain precious metals.  The quantities and type of “coin” determine the strength and these range from $150 to $2500 for the money/success spell and they have made people travel far and wide, over the centuries, to our small southern town. Now you can order them over the internet.

You are required to speak directly with me or Dee, and participate in the building and casting process.  Once this is done the “package” will be sent to you to finalize the process.  This is a simple procedure and will only take a few minutes.

Several of our customs spells can break the rules of standard spell casting but please remember we are not YouTube or TV witches.  Our gifts are God given and family built over the centuries to help those in need.  Simply ask and I will tell you what has to be done to fulfill your needs.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that spell results / outcomes vary from person to person

Do you need a Gris Gris (mojo) Satchet Made?

We use the highest quality ingredients and load each bag with our own special blends. Remember to feed it Rum or Whisky once per week. All of my Gris Gris bags come with the appropriate oil. $150 ea.