Multi-Cultural, Centuries Old Reading and Magick Of The South

Live TIKTOK Spells

DISCLAIMER: Please note that spell results / outcomes vary from person to person

6pm est

Tuesday - Sunday.

Private Shows Are Available

CARNIVAL Love Spells, Prosperity Spells  and Tea Leaf reading Live ON TIKTOK

Each one of my shows starts and ends with a blessing for everyone in the room. Before I cast any spells I will be more than happy to do a general tea leaf reading for the room and you can find how these work below.

During the spell casting I will go over what I am using and why it is important to the particular spell that is being cast.  I sometimes change the type of spell I create and the words I use.  This is all based on the temperament of the room but they are always along the lines of Love and Money.

I will cast any spells on the website during the show if it is needed but they do take a bit of time.  If one of these basic spells does not fit your needs just ask and I can help.

Both spells date back before the 1900’s and were written by my Great Grandmother, Clemon S. White.  They were written to be cast in a Carnival style setting which allowed people to walk up in the tent and have a quick blessing or spell offered that was not involved or overly expensive.  Usually included at the cost of admission to the fortune telling show that they attended. These spells are just as proactive as they are reactive. They still follow the laws of spell casting so it is always best to understand how these short series of words are meant to be used.  Sometimes I will take it upon myself to embellish on these spells if I feel the need.  My talents also include Tasseography (Tea Leaf Reading) so I do feel and see information from time to time.


This spells is designed to have your intended see more of the good that they love so much about you over the bad.  You are viewed in a more positive light and appear more attractive to them.  This spell works immediately but it does not work long so you must look for the clues to it taking hold.  You should look for slight changes in the intended’s attitude.  They might possibly try to spend more time with you or ask to be with you at an unusual time of day.  Maybe during your lunch break or between classes.  Possibly asking you out for dinner or a quick coffee.  Even if you are busy you should change your plans and accept what is happening.  Be kind and generous because you have only a small amount of time to make an impression.  It could be 4 days or 2 weeks.  If you feel your intended is reacting positively to this small conjure it might be time to move up to one of my custom made love spells that is written specifically for your situation.


This spell is meant to open your eyes and senses.  It allows you to make logical decisions based on the knowledge you have gathered throughout your life by watching, listening and drawing emotions on what is going on around you.  The knowledge you have is fast but you tend to not use it to your advantage and that is where this short lived conjure comes in.  It will urge you to take chances that will bring success to your life and open your eyes to the business inner working you are involved in.  It will help you make money decisions but be warned.  This spell is short lived so know when to stop.

Remember to always pass on your good fortune to a stranger.  God appreciates random love.


This type of reading came about when it was necessary to read a full room of people with limited time.  A total of 11 questions or comments are made during this reading.  Before I start, you determine if you wish to have a 4 or 7 reading. While I am looking into my cup you accept the answers that pertain to you.  No more or no less than your selected number.  No do-overs or trades. Be careful because I leave the more difficult information to accept at the end.