Multi-Cultural, Centuries Old Reading and Magick Of The South


DISCLAIMER: Please note that spell results / outcomes vary from person to person

For a spell to be cast successfully, make sure you observe the following laws and egregores:

a) The law of thoughts

A spell caster is a transmitter of thoughts. You have to have only positive thoughts about your spell caster and his work. You have to forget your fears and phobias. It’s not you, but the spell caster who takes all the risks.

b) The law of belief

You will be given your due for your belief. You have to believe in the power of the spell cast by a spell caster. Your belief can make it stronger. The thoughts and actions of the spell caster and his client have to be aimed at achieving the goal.

c) The law of the materialization of thoughts

Your positive attitude is a guarantee of success. Your doubts may prevent your dream from coming true. Thoughts can materialize. That’s why it is important to think about your situation as if you have already achieved what you want or are about to achieve it.

d) The law of the energy balance

Money is a powerful energy mover. Paying for a spell is one of the things which prove your intentions to change your life or solve a certain problem. If you don’t pay with money, you will be forced to pay with your health or luck.

e) The law of secrecy

You can’t tell other people (including your friends, parents, co-workers) about the spell ordered until your goal is achieved. Secrecy is one of the rules of the “magic pyramid.” I would advise you to not tell others about using magic at all, except when you use magic to remove a curse, hex or another negative program from yourself.